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Lola sessions

what grips me about this band is their raw talent and cohesive nature in their music. While I admit they have all the makings of what would attract my chops, they have something a touch different, with only a hint.......

2018-05-14 10_40_33-Ghosts of the Pacific_ On the rise and wrapping up a video trilogy  _ Tulalip Ne.png

Tulalip news

Local up-and-coming rock band, Ghosts of the Pacific, is steadily increasing their number of fans and playing a handful of local shows. Officially forming in 2016, the band has been hard at work writing and recording their debut album.........

2018-05-14 10_43_45-Ghosts of the Pacific _ www.RenAgaderadio.com.png

renagade radio

As the densely packed crowd stood in ovation , I couldn’t help but think that the Ghosts of the Pacific really  has what it takes to draw you into their world........

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